Carly (Carlita) with her new mom

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To begin the process of consideration to adopt a Scottie through Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida submit the adoption application using one of the following methods.

How to Adopt

Skelley and his

adoptive Mom



Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is an independent, tax exempt all volunteer charitable organization with IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and registration in the State of Florida under the Solicitation of Contributions Act.

This very important decision is one that is life-changing for both you... and for the rescue Scottie you may consider adopting.  Rescue Scotties may have been abandoned, mistreated, ignored, improperly trained, and/or deprived of quality health care, food, and housing for a variety of reasons.  Adopting a rescue Scottie will require considerable investment of patience, personal and financial resources, and  love and understanding to be successful. 

Foremost in our placement decision is

always the best interest of the Scottie! 

Hannah with her new mom

Max (right) on adoption day with

his new parents and Scottie sibling

Gabby on her adoption day

with her new mom Faye

Monroe and his new parents

If you are interested in adopting a rescue Scottie you must complete an extensive application, pass a home visit inspection, provide personal and veterinary references, and demonstrate ability to properly care for your new family member.  An adoption fee is required to help offset the cost of veterinary and rehabilitative care previously provided.  All rescue dogs will be spayed or neutered before placement.

These are some of the factors that are taken into account when adoption applications are considered:

  1. Your reasons for wanting to adopt a Scottish Terrier.
  2. Previous experience with Scottish Terriers and other pets.
  3. Willingness to adopt an adult or elderly Scottie,  a Scottie-mix, a bonded Scottie pair, or a Scottie with special needs.  (Very few Scottie puppies become available for adoption.)
  4. Suitability of your living accommodations to meet the needs of a Scottie, which include: living indoors with their family out of the Florida heat and humidity, quality food and fresh water, daily exercise and human attention, frequent professional grooming, a fenced yard, and protection from ready access to pools or other large bodies of water.  (Scotties do not swim well!) 
  5. Presence of young children and/or other pets in your household.
  6. Your willingness to devote the necessary time, energy, and finances to provide a quality home for the Scottie. 
  7. References- from your personal veterinarian and several friends- who can attest to your ability to provide for a rescue Scottie.
  8. Your agreement to sign, and abide by, the provisions of our Adoption agreement.  (One key provision of that contract is that the new adoptive owner may not sell, donate, or otherwise dispose of the rescue Scottie unless it is returned to the rescue group if for any reason the adoptive placement is not successful.)

Is it worth it to go through this detailed adoption process?  Absolutely- yes! 

Just ask any Scottie who now has a safe, loving home...

or that Scottie's human family... for confirmation! 

Still interested in applying?  Click one of the adoption application links below.

Should You


Adoption Process

Smudge with her new mom


to these STROF Scotties who have been placed in "forever homes"!

  • Monroe (formerly called Harry): adopted 10-15-15.
  • Skelley (formerly called Duffy):  adopted 10-15-15.
  • Hannah:   adopted 10-15-15.
  • Corky:   adopted 10-15-15.
  • Gabby:  adopted 11-15-15.
  • Bonnie:  adopted 1-16-16.
  • Max:  adopted 2-27-16.
  • Bonny: adopted 3-1-16.
  • Kelsey McLeod: adopted 5-12-16.
  • Willy:  adopted 8-1-16.
  • LuLu:  adopted 9-16-16.
  • Miss Maisie:  adopted 10-1-16.
  • Charlie:  adopted 10-16-16.
  • Robbie:  adopted 11-16-16.
  • Dougall (formerly called Doogie): adopted 12-8-16.
  • Scottie and Maddie:  adopted together 12-11-16.
  • Jamie (formerly called Ollie): adopted 12-13-16.
  • Lexi:  adopted 12-18-16.
  • Timmy (formerly called Whiskers): adopted 12-26-16.
  • Heidi:  adopted 4-17-17.
  • Willie:  adopted 5-20-17.
  • Carly: adopted 5-23-17.
  • Shaun: adopted 5-30-17.
  • Remy: adopted 6-16-17.
  • Olive and Abigail:  adopted together 7-1-17.
  • Monty:  adopted 8-28-17.
  • Smudge:  adopted 9-4-17.