In early April Willie and Shaun- a bonded pair of male Scotties-

entered STROF's care. First time foster parents, Barbara and 

Frank,were up to the challenge of caring for both- and certainly

had their hands full!  The "boys" were CRANKY because they

didn't feel well due to skin and ear infections and parasites.

Update:  4-25-17.    Through the foster process we've learned 

that Willie and Shaun would do best as only dogs in their own

new separate homes.  Willie was adopted on 5-20-17. 

Shaun is 7 years old and been neutered.  He is very affectionate and

loves attention. He is a dignified, laid back boy who adores people.

He needs to be an only dog and in a  home with a fenced yard.

Update:  5-30-17  We have another surprise foster failure!

Shaun's foster parents, Barbara & Frank Grieco, have decided

to add little Shaun to their home! Once his brother, Willie,

was adopted Shaun began to come out of his shell. He's learning

to play with his very own toys and is staying out of his crate longer.

When asked if he wanted to stay with them, Shaun jumped into

Frank's lap and smothered him with Scottie!

Special thanks to Barbara & Frank for being such patient and

loving foster parents to both boys and congratulations all around!


Thanks to the efforts of many STROF volunteers, after traveling over

300 miles,  one little 2 year old Wheaten Scottie named Remy arrived

to his new foster home in Bradenton, Florida on December 15th.

Remy was very much loved by his family, but treating his severe

allergies was more than they could handle. They made the ultimate

sacrifice and surrendered Remy to STROF so he could have a chance

for a healthier, happier life. Our hearts go out to them as we know

they are hurting right now. Remy has an even longer road ahead of

him, but he is in the best of hands, with our volunteer, Angie.

Update!  1-7-17     Remy came into rescue in December with severe

skin infections. His foster mom, Angie, has been working hard every

day to improve Remy's condition - baths, medications, and lots

of TLC. Note the change in the slide show photographs of his

"before" pictures on his arrival date, and the "after" pictures

showing his progress in just one month.

Update 5-25-17.  Poor Remy. He is still coping with severe skin

irritations.  He recently visited a canine allergy specialist, and

we are hopeful that additional testing will result is the most effective

treatment to help Remy feel healthy and wonderful again! 

Update 6-16-17.  After six long months in foster care, little Remy has been adopted by his foster family, Angela, Jack, Syd & Scottie brother, Brody. Thanks to this family for giving Remy all the TLC and care he needed to blossom and heal. Congratulations to all!


8-14-17.  Please give a warm welcome to STROF's newest foster girl --

14 year old Smudge! Her parents had to move to a condo due to

medical problems and the condo does not allow pets.

Surrendering Smudge to rescue was an extremely difficult decision,

as they love her dearly. This girl has been well taken care of .

Update 9-4-17.  Such happy news to report today!  Smudge has

been adopted by long-time Scottie lover Jane Bruner. 

Smudge joins two Scottie brothers (Donovan and James). 

We wish this wonderful family all the best!

Available for Adoption

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Logo by M.C.Gill Fine Art ©

On April 5th a little Wheaten girl, Heidi, was placed into foster care

by STROF.  She is 3 years old, and was surrendered by her owner because

she can't have pets in her new apartment. Heidi is a sweetie, but has

special needs.  Unfortunately, she has"Scottie cramp" and cannot walk

or run for long distances. She's also being evaluated for overall

health and wellness.

Update 4-16-17.  We have some good news today! Heidi is being adopted!

Kate and Angus are welcoming her into their family!

Heidi is being treated for Scottie cramp, which seems to be brought

on by stress.   When she's tired she has her very own pink carriage

to ride in so she can keep up with the family activities. 

Here she is in her special wheels!   Thanks to foster mom Kate for taking

such good care of Heidi and to Angus for sharing

his home with another Scottie.

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9-17-17.  Meet STROF’s newest cute Scottie guy- Morgan!

We send a huge thank you to long-time STROF volunteer Diana McDearmont Goodreau who helped Morgan’s owner make contact

with STROF and then transported him today to his foster home in

Orlando with STROF volunteer Todd Persons.Morgan came to STROF

when his elderly mom passed away last month and his dad felt he

needed to be with a family that could give him an active, energetic,

and loving home.  Foster dad Todd also sent some pictures today . His early report is that Morgan is very sensitive to sounds and sudden movements and has no clue how to use a doggie door. He probably needs lots of socialization. We send a huge shout out to Todd for opening his home to Morgan- his very first foster Scottie!

Update 10-4-17.  Morgan has been adopted by Kimberley and Giovanni Paone of Orlando! The Paones are longtime Scottie lovers and unfortunately lost their two rescue Scotties, Monty and Bannister, to cancer earlier this year. We are happy to fill their home with some Scottie love again!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application or expressed an interest in adopting Morgan. This was a tough decision as we had so many great applications and only one little Scottie to place.We hope that those applicants who were not chosen to adopt Morgan will be open to adopting another Scottie from STROF in the future.

Olive and Abigail

5-2-17.   Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida took in these two

strays in the Jacksonville area. They had no tags or microchips.

Update 5-20-17. Sadly, no one came forward to claim these girlsso they

are now available for adoption through STROF.  These two girls are a bonded pair and must be re-homed together. Olive is a purebred

2 year old Scottie and her sidekick, Abigail,is a 4 year old mix -

probably Scottie and Doxie. Both Olive & Abigail have been to the vet

and seem to be healthy. These girls are sweet, affectionate and

eager to please. Both seem to be fine with kids and cats, but other

dogs are merely tolerated - not an uncommon trait among Scotties.

They have lots of energy!

Update 7-1-17.  STROF is pleased to announce the girls were adopted

last weekend! Johnny & Richard were without a dog and delighted to

welcome Olive & Abigail into their home. Looks like they're going to be

spoiled! Many thanks to Renee, Amy, Robyn & Casey for their

part in re-homing these sweet girls!


To quote one of our volunteer transporters today: THIS is the face of

Scottie Rescue. Meet Martin, a 9 year old Scottie whose owner is

sick and no longer able to care for him. Many thanks to

Jaime Milford, who contacted us about Martin, along

with volunteers, Nini Conner, Michele Amsdill and Aylee Quezada

who helped with his transport. Aylee will be fostering Martin until

we get him vetted and learn more about his behavior.

Update 5-9-17.   Martin says, "How do you like me now?" Foster mom,

Aylee, owner of Scottie Paws Pet Spa & Resort, bathed Martin today

and groomed him. What a difference a day makes!

Update 8-3-17.  Prayers and positive thoughts are needed for little

foster boy, Martin, who has been diagnosed with ketoacidosis

(a serious complication of diabetes) and has been hospitalized

this weekend.    Martin will be a "special needs" dog and will require a dedicated owner who has the time, energy, and financial resources to care for a diabetic Scottie.

Update 8-16-17.  Martin has progressed well with his specialized

treatment and is now back in his foster home.  His lab values are

improving and we are hopeful he will soon be ready for his

new "forever home".

STROF said hello to its newest rescue- 10 year old Maggie- on January 13th.  Unfortunately she has a sad story.  

She was diagnosed with lymphoma in December, then her owner passed away recently. Due to her health, Maggie will be a permanent

foster/hospice dog and will receive all the tender loving care that her terrific foster mom- Holly Gould- can provide. 

We send a hug ethanks to Holly.  Fostering any dog is an emotional challenge, but fostering a dog with a termina lillness takes a very

special person. Without great volunteers like Holly, Scotties like Maggie would have nowhere to go.

Update 1-19-17.  Maggie, saw the vet today, who confirmed the diagnosis of lymphoma and prescribed treatment with prednisone.

Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie is happy and enjoying normal activities. Maggie would like to give a huge thank you to Marylee and

Ken Jensen, Barbara Grieco and Jane Bruner for donating their unused prednisone to hel pfight Maggie's lymphoma. 

(Maggie also thanks Scotties Rory and Claire, who recently lost their battles with lymphoma.) 

STROF really appreciates the outpouring of love and support for this little girl!

 Update- 3-13-17.   Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie continues to feel well and is a joy to have around. Can't ask for more than that!

Update- 3-18-17.  Special thanks to Jane Bruner, who donated a $50 PetSMart gift card to STROF. We could think of no better way to

use the card than to have our little hospice girl, Maggie, go for a shopping spree with her foster mom, Holly. 

Some photos of Miss Maggie doing her shopaholic thing are included in the slide show - she had a blast and got lots of wonderful goodies! 
Jane Bruner, you can see that the gift card you donated has certainly
made this little Scottie very happy!

Update- 4-10-17.  Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie is doing incredibly well. Yesterdaywas her "spa day" and she is lookin' good! The vet  recentlyreduced her prednisone dose andwe will be watching her closely to see how that goes.  Yay for the Maggadoodle!!"

Update 4-28-17.   Another update from Maggie's foster mom, Holly, on this amazing little girl. Maggie was diagnosed with lymphoma in

December but continues to do surprisingly well. Holly has enrolled this little lass in a "Fungility" class -- in the slide show you will see her 

toddling through the tunnel! Thanks so much, Holly, for providing such a wonderful hospice home for little Maggie.

STROF cannot thank you enough for all you are doing.

Update 5-15-17.  Here is the latest update on our hospice girl, Maggie.  Maggie is doing great...she is continuing her steroid every other day,

and is teaching the newest member of her foster family, a 14 yr old  poodle, the ropes.  She is such a great hostess. She has one more

class of Fungility and she loves all the treats for her accomplishments!!

Update 5-18-17.  Congratulations to our little hospice girl, Maggie, who graduated from Obedience/Manners class and Fungility!

You  will see her in the slideshow, proudly posing with her certificates. This girl may be fighting lymphoma, but she is living life to the

fullest and enjoying every minute. Thanks to foster mom, Holly, for making this all possible.

Update 9-17-17.  Sadly, Maggie lost her battle with lymphoma today and told her foster mom Holly that it was time to go

to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sweet Maggie enjoyed the last months of her life in the loving care of Holly Gould, who STROF

cannot thank enough for giving little Maggie comfort, joy, and peace to her last day.  Run free Maggie!

Sometimes rescue is hard on the heart...

   the story of hospice and "forever fosters" cared for by STROF.


 Willie is a 7 year old male Scottish Terrier who is very affectionate

and loves attention.  He's very young at heart and loves to romp

outside and play with his toys. 

Update  5-20-17.  Willie was adopted! After 6 weeks of vet care,

surgery and TLC, Willie went to his new home yesterday. The event

brought a smile to everyone's face. Robert & Jean are the proud

adopters and Willie seems to know he found a good thing. Robert said

Willie acts as if he's always been there. Huge "thanks" to Barbara & Frank for being such patient and loving foster parents.



"Hospice-to-Rainbow Bridge"

Diva and Zelda (bonded pair)

10-16-17. We picked up two new rescues yesterday, Diva and Zelda.

Diva is a 7 year old Wheaton girl; Zelda is an 8 year old Black girl.

The girls appear to be quite bonded and will need to be placed together. More to come as we learn more about these two girls

in the weeks to come!

Big thanks to Michelle Amsdill for all her help in getting the dogs

from their previous home and to Wayne and Ray,

who also assisted in transport and are fostering!


7-20-17.  Please give a warm welcome to STROF's newest foster boy -

Monty! Monty is a very sweet ten year old boy who came into rescue

when a death in the family caused a change in his owner's living

arrangements. This boy has been dearly loved and cared for all

his life -- STROF has promised to find him a very, very special home.

Stay tuned as little Monty settles into foster care with STROF foster

mom, Roberta Dickson.

Update 7-21-17.  New foster boy Monty would like to thank everyone

for all the warm wishes and the interest already expressed in adopting

him! Please be advised that STROF will keep Monty in foster care for

at least two weeks in order to give him a chance to relax and tell us

more about him. This allows us to match him up with the perfect

forever home. (If you have an application on file and want to be

considered to adopt him, email us at

If you have not yet filed an adoption application on this website,

indicating your interest in Monty.

Update 8-28-17.  Monty was adopted by David and Kathleen Gibson today.  We are so happy for Monty and his new family!

Mollie and Sophie

"Hospice-to-Rainbow Bridge"

We currently have these Scotties who may soon need new homes.

If you are interested in adopting any of these from STROF, or to be considered to foster

or adopt a future STROF rescue dog:

(We do not adopt our rescue Scotties outside the state of Florida.)

Currently Being Evaluated



Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is an independent, tax exempt all volunteer charitable organization with IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and registration in the State of Florida under the Solicitation of Contributions Act.

Many of you may already be aware of the two dogs, one Scottie

and one Westie, who were surrendered to STROF in early April.

We knew immediately that both dogs had some serious health issues and wanted to wait until we had some solid information on their

health before posting anything about them.

On 4-7-16 we learned that 11 year old Molly, the Scottie,

had lymphoma. Molly settled in nicely in her foster home in Palm

Harbor and was dearly loved by foster mom, Janet Skinner,

until she went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4-27-16.

Little Westie girl, Sophie, recently celebrated her 15th birthday.

Sophie was deaf and came to us with serious skin and ear

infections, very thin, and vomiting bile and blood. With close

attention, vet care, and a good diet Sophie progressed nicely

and was a very sweet and happy girl who remained a

permanent foster in Janet’s care.

Update:  There is sad news to report about furever foster dog,

Sophie. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 7-24-16 with

the help of the staff at AA Animal ER and her loving foster mom.

She went peacefully while being showered with kisses and petting.

Sophie had been in foster care since early April. Due to her age

and health conditions, she was deemed unadoptable and

remained in the permanent care of her foster mom. Sophie

was one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs ever to

come into STROF and will be sorely missed.

We can find comfort in the fact that both girls are now

reunited and running and playing together once again.

Love you and will miss you, Sophie girl.

Updated 7-26-16

Carlita (Carly)

April 15, 2017.  STROF was contacted about a 12 year old female

Scottie whose owner had surrendered her that morning. There was

no name on her surrender paperwork -- we called her "Carly." 

HUGE thanks to volunteer Kathy Coronado who dropped everything

to go to Lake County Animal Shelter to pull this little girl for us,

then drove to Lakeland to hand her over to Janet Skinner, who was her

first foster Mom. Carly was very thin, had some hair

loss and tapeworms, and was very unsteady on her feet.

A vet visit and evaluation soon followed.

Her blood panel came back pretty good fo ra 12 year old girl, with

normal kidney function, no sign of diabetes, and only very slightly

elevated liver enzymes. She had her teeth cleaned and lost one. 

Carly's ears were just extremely filthy -- but there was no ear

infection, which is great. She was sent home with meds for tapeworm,

eye infection, and arthritis.  Thanks so much to Dr. Reifer and his

vet tech, Lisa, for all their hard work with little Carly

Update 4-21-17.   Little Carly is on her way to her new foster home

with Roberta Dickson in St. Pete.    Thank you Roberta!!!

Update 5-9-17.  Our precious little foster girl, Carly, got a makeover at

the groomer today and she looks great! Huge thanks goes out to Pam at

Gateway Paw House in St. Petersburg who donated the cost of the grooming.

We truly appreciate Pam's kindness to this little girl and STROF.

 Carly is 12 years young, loves people, and gets along great with other dogs.

She is deaf and her vision is impaired in one eye as a result of cataracts,

but is otherwise a healthy little Scottie. Her foster mom reports that Carly is gaining much-needed weight and loves to eat. She even does a little

happy dance when she knows it is dinner time!

Update 5-23-17.  Wonderful news to report - our little senior deaf

girl, Carly, went to her furever home today with the Harrell family!

Foster mom Robert Dickson delivered Carly to her new mom this

afternoon and the results are pure rescue magic.

Carly's slide show incudes  a couple of photos taken by Roberta at the

meeting place and a beautiful collage that Carly's new mom sent us.

Carly is going to get all the love and care that she deserves from this

day on. STROF would like to thank Roberta for fostering Carly,

Kathy Coronado for pulling her from the shelter, and the folks at

Lake County Animal Control for taking the time and effort to call us

so we could give Carly a second chance.

This is one of those happy endings that keeps us all doing rescue!