Janet Skinner is a longtime Scottie mom who adopted her first Scottie -- a two year old female named Hallie -- from Pinellas County Animal Services in 1992.  She adopted two year old Scottie boy Piper from the SPCA in Pinellas County about one year later.  Scottie #3 was added when Janet obtained Jackson from a Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay (STCTB) breeder in 2006.  Abby was officially adopted in 2013 after Janet fostered her for six months and decided to make her a permanent member of the family.

Janet began her involvement with Scottie rescue in 2008 when she joined Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay (STCTB) and immediately volunteered to serve on the club’s Rescue Committee.  Janet continued on in 2012 with the newly formed Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast (STRSE), followed in September 2015 by the Scottish Terrier Club of Florida (STROF), for which she serves as Vice President for Western Florida.  Janet also volunteers as a foster mom for the group.

Janet shares her home with Joey, a rescued Miniature Schnauzer, Josh, a rescued Greyhound, and her newly adopted Scottie rescue boy, Timmy .  She is a volunteer with Project PUP, a pet therapy group, and visits a local memory care facility with her Greyhound Josh.   Janet also trains and competes in agility; she is currently working with Timmy,  who follows in the fine tradition of Abby, Piper, and Jackson, her previous Scottie agility partners.  Janet’s love of this smart and feisty breed – both her own and her foster dogs -- goes back many years and will continue on forever in the years to come!

Colleen Rafatti with

Logan, one of her three Scotties

Caring for, fostering, and re-homing sick, abandoned,

or mistreated Scottish Terriers isn't easy...   but it's worth it! 

The team at Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida are passionate
about Scotties and love their work. 

The best interests of rescue Scotties are always primary,
as we serve as their advocate.

     Debbie Kleer- President

     Janet Skinner- Vice President

     To be DeteminedSecretary

     Celia McKibben- Treasurer

     Muffy Gill- Area Coordinator (Southwest Florida)

     Colleen Rafatti- Technology Director/Webmistress

...and innumerable volunteers from around

the state of Florida- and beyond!

Muffy Clark Gill has been a Scottie owner and lover for over 30 years.

When she is not taking care of her two rescued Scotties, Robbie and Corkie (aka McCorkle), she is busy working in her art studio creating fine artwork for home and business. (She also designed the Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida logo). Last year an exhibition of her artwork was shown in the 22nd Floor Art gallery of the Florida State Capitol building.

Muffy and her husband, Warren take care of their four legged friends in her home in Naples.

Muffy Clark Gill with Robbie,

one of her two rescue Scotties

Meet Our Team

Celia McKibben’s family described her as stubborn, strong willed and opinionated- so it was no wonder that she gravitated to Scottish Terriers.  She got her first Scottie, Maggie Mae, in 1990 and- while it was love at first sight- it was also a lesson in just how determined Scotties can be!  The then 12 week- old Maggie was left in the kitchen, securely behind her “indestructible” puppy gate while her parents were at work.  When they returned from work, they found that Maggie Mae had managed to knock down the gate, pull the carpet off the tacks half way across the living room floor, and shred all the carpet padding underneath!  Welcome to the world of Scottish Terriers.

A number of Scotties have followed Maggie Mae over the years but when McAdory died from lymphoma, leaving McDuffy (“Duff”) lonely and heartbroken, Celia and her husband Fred adopted Scottie Sammie from rescue.  Sammie had skin problems and very little hair at the time, but had a personality that was just dynamic!  He immediately bonded with Duff and wiggled his way into the hearts of their family.  He never meets a stranger, and has even been a breed ambassador at the AKC National Championship “Meet the Breeds” booth for Scottish Terriers at the dog show in Orlando.  He “manned” the booth for three hours as people came by petted and squeezed him, and he was a star!  After adopting Sammie, Celia became a founding member of Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF).

Celia now serves as the Treasurer for STROF.  In her spare time she also competes in Dressage competition with her equine partner, Colonel.

Debbie Kleer with her

Scottie mix Brodie (rescue)

Janet Skinner with her

Scottie Abby (rescue)

Millie (age 9 1/2, rescue)

Colleen has loved dogs and horses her entire life.  She and her family showed dogs in conformation and obedience as a hobby when she was a child and teen, and she has shared her home with a variety of mixed breed and purebred dogs including Pugs, English Setters, Afghan Hounds and Welsh Terriers and- most recently- Scotties!  She also previously owned and exhibited Arabian and Clydesdale horses.  Colleen and her husband Chuck adopted sweet special needs Scottie lass Ms. Chloe in 2000 when Chloe's original owners decided they just didn’t want her any more.  Although Ms. Chloe had not been provided adequate medical care as a pup, resulting in short deformed and twisted legs, she won over their hearts in a flash and enjoyed 8 happy years with them living life to the fullest in true Scottie style despite her handicap. 

In 2009 Scottie brother and sister pair Logan and Bristol joined their family.  Their breeder, Sonia Bisquolo-Hollnagel, was an active member of  Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay (STCTB) and recruited Colleen to oversee the reorganizing club’s newsletter and web page.  Sonia’s work with elderly and medically challenged "forever foster" rescue Scotties was a true inspiration and resulted in Colleen quickly volunteering to assist Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida as its webmistress when it was created in 2015.   Then, in the fall of 2016, the Colleen and Chuck experienced the joy of rescue first-hand when their attempt at temporary foster quickly became a "foster failure" as little elder Scottie Miss Maisie joined the family! 

Celia McKibben with her Scotties

(L-to-R) Duffy and Sammy (rescue)

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is an independent, tax exempt all volunteer charitable organization with IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and registration in the State of Florida under the Solicitation of Contributions Act.

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida  ©

Logo by M.C.Gill Fine Art ©

STROF President Debbie Kleer was first loved by a Scottish Terrier 25 years ago when she wanted to add a companion dog to her family.  Like many other first-time Scottie parents she went to a pet store to look at Scottie pups.  She recalls that she picked out “an adorable 6 pound bundle of fur with ears that stood up bigger than her head.  She was so alert and seemed to be observant of everything around her.  We bonded right away.”  Debbie named her “Cleopatra”- which proved to be a great choice because Cleopatra quickly tried to become the queen of the house.  Her new Mom was dismayed when, returning home from work one day, she discovered that Cleopatra had chewed up a puppy gate, gotten out of her pen, and shredded a bunch of magazines and books.  Of course, the guilty party was back innocently snoozing in her bed when the carnage was discovered.  Several obedience classes later with Cleopatra Debbie reported that she was totally hooked on the breed and their feisty, but loving, character. 

Cleopatra was the first of several Scotties to share Debbie’s life.  Years later Debbie and her Scottie Taz met representatives of the Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay Rescue at a local event.  That meeting motivated Deb to become a volunteer foster parent to help Scotties in need of new homes- a positive way to be involved in something that made her feel that she was making a real difference in the world.  Debbie notes “fostering has been extremely rewarding, and rescue has become a passion that has really grown in my life.  I helped in rescue efforts in many capacities, and remained involved with Scottie rescue when Florida efforts transitioned to the direction of the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast”.

In 2015, when the time was appropriate to create a new independent rescue to “Save Scotties in the Sunshine State” Debbie was asked to lead the reorganization efforts as the President of the new Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF).  Although a daunting task, Debbie agreed in large part because she knew there was already a great team of Florida volunteers in place ready to help including Dawn Dayringer, Janet Skinner, Celia McKibben, Terri Walker and many others.  Deb’s current home companion is rescue boy Brodie, a young Scottie-mix.  They enjoy hiking and camping with the family!