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We are always searching for caring volunteers to help us with the many tasks associated with rescue. 

No prior rescue experience is required, however familiarity with the Scottish Terrier breed is a plus.

If you would like to volunteer and have an interest, or expertise, in any of the following areas please submit your

STROF Volunteer Application today:

  • Temporarily fostering a Scottie in your home. (Foster parents must complete an

          Adoption Application and be approved.)

  • Transporting rescued dogs.
  • Claiming Scotties from shelters.
  • Conducting home visits required in the adoption process.
  • Making phone calls.
  • Organizing or representing STROF at special events and fundraisers.
  • Marketing STROF services throughout Florida.
  • Grooming or training rescued Scotties.
  • Providing technology support to create promotional materials, and to assist

          with keeping our social media sites up-to-date.

  • Participating in outreach and educational efforts.

Muffy and companions

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Babara and Scotty

January 29, 2016 (STROF Facebook page post )

STROF really values its volunteers. For this reason, we will be highlighting one of our

volunteers periodically so that our Facebook friends can see what wonderful things

these terrific Scottie lovers are doing for our rescue.

Our first featured volunteer is
Brenda Thomas, who is one of STROF's
most dedicated

foster moms. She most recently fostered Bonnie, who was adopted by Pat Capen

earlier this month. Listen to what Brenda has to say about her experience

fostering Bonnie and other STROF rescues:

"Bonnie came to me soon after being brought into our rescue

Pasco County Animal Services. She had been spayed and had several

large stones removed from her bladder. I took Bonnie, just like I have

taken other fosters, to help save a life. Being a foster mom allowed

me to give Bonnie the extra care that she needed that the shelter was

unable to provide while she was recovering. Providing foster care for

a few days or weeks can be a lifesaving gift

for our beloved rescue Scotties.

Having Bonnie with my family was a great way to enjoy a pet

since we are not in the position to make a lifetime commitment

to another dog at this time. As an STROF foster mom, it was my

job to prepare Bonnie for a loving furever home. While she

was with us, we got to know Bonnie's personality so that we could

best place her in a home to match her personality.

As a foster dog, Bonnie had the chance to get used to life in a

house with other pets, healthy food, and a warm, loving environment.

She also learned that people can be kind and loving.

I always get a little teary-eyed when a foster Scottie leaves me to
go to a new permanent

home. All of my fosters have been placed with wonderful, loving people who will forever

spoil their newly adopted Scottie. Through the internet and Facebook, I have

been able to follow their progress and see photos of my fosters

as they enjoy their lives with their new owners.

Knowing that I have been an important part in saving a life and
helping a homeless

Scottie find a loving home has been tremendously rewarding. If you have not yet

volunteered to foster,I highly recommend that you try it.You won’t be sorry!"

Brenda Thomas     


Volunteers are

Always Needed

STROF fundraiser drag queen

BINGO at Hamburger Mary's

Leslie and Lacy (rescue)

Janet Skinner and Abby (rescue)



Dawn Dayringer

and Mr. Boots

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is an independent, tax exempt all volunteer charitable organization with IRS 501(c)(3)

nonprofit status and registration in the State of Florida under the Solicitation of Contributions Act.

Sadly, some Scotties in Florida need help- and we need you to help us help them!

Diana and Tobi (rescue)

Brenda with rescue Monroe

Bonnie (left)

with her new sister Magie

Amy and Abbey