Monroe(formerly Harry)


October 3, 2015


October 25, 2015

“You never soar so high as when you

stoop down to help a child or an animal.”

Jewish proverb     

The Purpose

of Rescue- It's

All About Love!

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October 25, 2015

Adoption Stories- 2015

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Skelley(formerly Duffy)


October 31, 2015


November 23, 2015

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Click on each Scottie's name to read his/her adoption story.

STROF Rescue

Success Stories (2015)

Some of our stories began as a mystery, but others' were well known. 

Many are painful to recall.   All led to a loving forever home.

We proudly share our personal stories and photographs, hoping they will inspire help for other Scotties. 

We appreciate the help we received from STROF, other Scottie rescue groups, and all the kind people who cared about us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Florida's Rescue Scotties-