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Maggie's Story

January 13, 2017.  STROF said hello to its newest rescue- 10 year old Maggie.  Unfortunately she

has a sad story.   She was diagnosed with lymphoma in December, then her owner passed away

last week. Due to her health, Maggie will be a permanent foster/hospice dog and will receive

all the tender loving care that her terrific foster mom- Holly Gould- can provide.  We send a huge

thanks to Holly.  Fostering any dog is an emotional challenge, but fostering a dog with a terminal

illness takes a very special person. Without great volunteers like Holly, Scotties like Maggie

would have nowhere to go.

Update- January 19, 2017.  Maggie, saw the vet today, who confirmed the diagnosis of lymphoma

and prescribed treatment with prednisone. Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie is happy

and enjoying normal activities. Maggie would like to give a huge thank you to Marylee and

Ken Jensen, Barbara Grieco and Jane Bruner for donating their unused prednisone to help

fight Maggie's lymphoma.  (Maggie also thanks Scotties Rory and Claire, who recently lost

their battles with lymphoma.)  STROF really appreciates the outpouring of love and support

for this little girl!

 Update- March 13, 2017.   Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie continues to feel well and

is a joy to have around. Can't ask for more than that!

Update- March 18, 2017.  Special thanks to Jane Bruner, who donated a $50 PetSMart gift card

to STROF. We could think of no better way to use the card than to have our little hospice girl,

Maggie, go for a shopping spree with her foster mom, Holly. Here are some of the photos of

Miss Maggie doing her shopaholic thing - she had a blast and got lots of wonderful goodies! 

Jane Bruner, you can see that the gift card you donated has certainly made this

little Scottie very happy!

Update- April 10, 2017.  Foster mom Holly reports that Maggie is doing incredibly well. Yesterday

was her "spa day" and she is lookin' good! The vet  recently reduced her prednisone dose and

we will be watching her closely to see how that goes.  Yay for the Maggadoodle!!"

STROF is so happy to see Maggie doing well and really appreciates all the TLC that her foster

mom, Holly, is providing. That is surely making a difference for this girl. Thanks, Holly!!!

Adoption Stories- 2017

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STROF "Forever Foster" (Hospice) Dogs (2017)


At times we receive dogs who, due to advanced age, handicap, or terminal illness, are not candidates for adoption.  We provide them hospice/end of life care to keep them happy and comfortable as long as possible. 

Rescued by Others

Maggie Ross (with permission)

Some of our stories began as a mystery, but others' were well known. 

Many are painful to recall.   All led to a loving forever home.

We proudly share our personal stories and photographs, hoping they will inspire help for other Scotties. 

We appreciate the help we received from STROF, other Scottie rescue groups, and all the kind people who cared about us.

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