Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida

Adoption Application

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scroll up to see a confirmation message.

All required fields in the form (shown with an *) must be filled out

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Revised 5-30-17

Online Adoption Application

To be considered to adopt or foster a rescue Scottie from Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida  please complete

all sections of this online application as your first step.  (Please do not skip any sections; if a question

does not apply to you please note "not applicable" for that answer.)  

(We do not adopt our rescue Scotties outside the state of Florida.)

When you have completed the application click the  SUBMIT  button to send it to us;
if successful you will be redirected to our Adopt page.

(If your application does not immediately submit when you click the button please check to be sure you
have filled in every field and noted "not applicable" where it applies.)

If you prefer to download a paper version of the application to submit by email or postal mail, click here.Email that application to:

We appreciate your interest in "Saving Scotties in the Sunshine State"!