Instructions:  Please complete all sections of this online form that are noted with a *.  If a required question does not apply  please note "not applicable" for that answer.   When you have completed the form click the  SUBMIT  button to send it to us; if successful you will receive a message confirming your submission.  (If your form does not immediately submit when you click the button please check to be sure you have filled in every field and noted "not applicable" where it applies.)

  • You do not have to tell the family being evaluated whether they "passed" the home visit inspection, or not.  STROF will contact them to discuss the outcome of the inspection.  (STROF does extensive background review before the home visit is scheduled so, most of the time, there is a degree of confidence that this home could be appropriate for a rescue Scottie.)

  • Thank the potential adopters/foster parents for their time, and for their interest in assisting STROF.

Click here to review STROF home visit guidelines and tips prior to your visit!If you prefer to download a paper version of the home visit form to submit by email or postal mail, click here.STROF@scottierescueflorida.orgWe appreciate your help "Saving Scotties in the Sunshine State"!

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Revised 8-8-17

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