Updated 4/4/17

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida

Medical Emergency Fund Application

Medical Emergency Fund

What is the STROF Medical Emergency Fund?
The Medical Emergency Fund (MEF) is a program for families who adopted a dog from

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF) who have run into extraordinary expenses related to

caring for that Scottie, and need a little help. 

Who Administers the Program?
The Board of Directors of STROF manages the MEF. 

All decisions are made by a majority vote of the Board. 

Who is Eligible to Apply for an MEF Grant?
Anyone who has adopted a dog (including purebred Scottish Terriers, Scottie mixes,

or other breed) from STROF since its inception in September 2015 is eligible. 

MEF is considered a “safety net” for STROF adopters who find themselves with an unexpected veterinary  expense and who will not be able to provide the immediate care needed without

MEF assistance.  The MEF fund is NOT intended to serve  as a substitute for personal

responsibility and pet insurance nor is it to be used for routine expenses such as vaccinations

and routine dental cleanings.

How do you Apply?
The Scottie’s owner must submit an application to STROF using either the online version or

a printed Word or PDF version (see buttons below) and mail/email that to STROF.  

All information must be completed in full in order for the application to receive consideration.  Providing the requested information will  allow the Board to properly investigate the need and

determine the veracity of the request, and evaluate the request based on its merits. 

By providing this information, you are consenting to using it in the manner described. 

We value your privacy and will not disclose your information to any third party

other than for verification of your request. 

Will My Request be Approved?
Requests for assistance are evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Not all requests for assistance are granted.

How Much of My Request can I Expect to Receive if it is Approved?
Assistance depends on the need and on how much funding we currently have available. 

There will be a maximum grant amount of $500. 

Those who receive grant funding will be required to provide

receipts to document exactly how the funds were spent.

How many times can I request assistance?
Unfortunately, our funds are limited.  Requests will  be limited to

once per calendar year per dog (for those who have adopted multiple dogs from STROF).

Is MEF Like Insurance?
No.  MEF is limited in scope and resources so we can only accommodate modest requests. 

We do our best to strike a balance between need and our contribution to that need. 

Typically it is a percentage of the request, but again, it will depend on the specifics.

Sounds Good!  How Can I Help?
So glad you asked!  The best thing you can do is to participate in our existing online fundraisers

(Thee Frugal Scot resale store, Modify watches, Café Press store, calendar sales, etc.). 

You can also make a donation online via credit card or PayPal  at


or by mailing a check to

STROF Treasurer,  17905 Timberview Street, Tampa, Florida 33647.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to e-mail us at STROF@scottierescueflorida.org

We appreciate your interest in "Saving Scotties in the Sunshine State"!

If your form submits successfully the form will disappear from the screen;

scroll up to see a confirmation message.

All required fields in the form (shown with an *) must be filled out

or the form will not submit.

Instructions:  To be considered for a medical emergency fund grant from Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida 

please complete all sections of the online application.  (Please  do not skip any sections that are noted with an *.)  

When you have completed the application click the  SUBMIT  button to send it to us;
if successful you will receive a confirming message thanking you for submitting.

(If your application does not immediately submit when you click the button please check to be sure you
have filled in every field and noted "not applicable" where it applies.)

If you prefer to download a paper version of the application to submit by email or postal mail, click the button below for the  type of file you prefer: