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Bailey (formerly Bales)

10 years old

Adopted 11-28-17 by

Holly Gould

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Thee Frugal Scot Resale Shoppe

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Sophie (formerly Freya)

2 years old

Adopted 12-31-17 by

Jerry and Jan Canavan

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Dee (formerly Diva) and Zelda

7 and 8 years old (bonded pair)

Adopted 11-5-17 by

Sally Kocher



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Julie Jameson Leaver

What is a Forever Foster?

(dogs with extensive special needs, generally not

available for adoption except to very special homes)

Rescue efforts are very expensive - and we are running

several fundraisers now to help raise funds to support the

work of returning to health, and re-homing, Scotties in need.

Several of our recent, and current, dogs are complex situations.

Please check out these new events and considering helping!

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Samples from our new 2020 calendar!

Martin's care was very expensive; he required daily insulin injections and other specialized prescribed medications.  His total care costs were over $4,000 and examples of the costs are listed below:

  • Insulin (for diabetes): $52
  • Insulin syringes: $30
  • Vetoryl (for Cushing's):  $71.
  • Prescription eye ointment (for dry eye): $40
  • Specialized diet:  Prescription WD ($50 for a 17 pound bag) and Merrick Grain Free Rabbit and Checkpeas ($70 for a 22 pound bag); these last 6-8 weeks for Martin.
  • Periodic testing to manage his diabetes and Cushings (glucose curve test: $72, ACTH test: $251)

Sponsorship donations helped us to provide the care that Martin needed to give him a happy life for the time that he had with us.  We thank everyone for your generous donations.

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Sweet Martin recently went to the Rainbow Bridge due to complications from his Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis.  Many thank to all who followed his story and donated to his care!

  • Scottish Terrier, male (neutered).
  • Age 9 years.